Take advantage of our Concierge services at Mareazul

concierge services in Riviera Maya

The man of modern times doesn't seem to lack anything anymore. Food, information, entertainment. Our society provides him with everything he needs in exchange for his time. But time is sorely lacking, which threatens this balance. To remedy this, we offer you a solution: concierge services.


Private concierges generally offer classic services (but essential for saving time) dedicated to housekeeping with services such as a chambermaid, a maître d'hôtel, a housekeeper, a chef, a caretaker, a nurse, etc.


To exceed their clients' expectations, concierge services are expanding their services to include more personalized services.

Finding an exclusive residence in the Riviera Maya, organizing a very private shopping experience at a designer's house, finding your favorite but untraceable cigars, acquiring the numbered version of a very limited comic book, reserving a Spa or a palace, managing a personal or professional event, booking a wonderful getaway in the cenotes, a romantic moment in a private place, the skills are usually multiple.


Time is often synonymous with money.

Having everything as soon as possible is what your rhythm of life and your demands have got you used to. By opting for these services, you have at your disposal a qualified staff, specialized in different fields and having studied your personality to offer you the services you need.


Concierges can transform your experience.

Whether it's for exceptional service or a simple question such as where the nearest supermarket is. They'll always have a city map ready to show you the area and give you great recommendations.


Even if you are skeptical and think you can find everything on the internet, (which is probably true) how can you judge good or bad information?

Every time you stay at Mareazul Riviera Maya, just go to the concierge and let him/her guide you to make sure you have an unforgettable stay.