How to choose the perfect resort in Riviera Maya

resort in Riviera Maya

Do you need a piece of advice to go on the Riviera Maya? We all know that finding accommodation in the Riviera Maya can be complicated, especially, due to the many offers, there are many to choose from.


Poor accommodation can quickly make your stay much less pleasant. So the first thing to do is to define your needs. So here is a list of the different types of accommodation you can find in the Riviera Maya to help you choose the right one.


 • What types of accommodation at the best value for money? A 4/5 * stay in all-inclusive This is, most of the time, what you will find on tour operator sites! Riviera Maya is a fairly touristy seaside resort. These large complexes are created to welcome foreign tourists with not much authenticity. Most major international brands have a luxury hotel in or near the Riviera Maya.


Or a holiday club Again, all the major brands of the genre have a club in the Riviera Maya. The advantage, in our opinion, is that we know where we are going and what we will find on-site: leisure facilities, private beaches, family rooms, entertainment, activities for children ... It is safe and comfortable, providing you the option to get out and visit the surroundings! One great option is Mareazul


Small hotels with 2/3 * These are the only offers of trips to Mexico with flight included that can be found at - from 300 USD and the ratio "services-price" is not bad at all. We are generally on standard comfort with a breakfast formula, or even without meals. It's balanced: you take advantage of the seaside and festive side of the city (which is very lively but not too concrete), you are free to organize your days.


So now you know, make sure that the place you choose con fulfill all your needs to help you have a wonderful stay in the Riviera Maya